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Efficient Commercial Kitchen design ideas, that will boost productivity..

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

The kitchen is the heart of any restaurant or café. If the kitchen does not function effectively, without a doubt, the food business will start to suffer. It does not matter whether it's a street food truck, or a delivery-only food business, your commercial kitchen keeps your venture alive.

As mentioned before, the kitchen is the most important part of any restaurant, thus the commercial kitchen design is vital for a business to operate smoothly. A good commercial kitchen layout will lead to high performance, high staff productivity, and high-quality meals. Similarly, poorly designed kitchens can lead to safety hazards, high time wastage, as well as general chaos for staff.

If you’re a start-up that’s building your commercial kitchen for the first time, or if your current kitchen design is causing issues with productivity and you need a revamp, we have all the advice you need.

Apart from the nitty-gritty of the kitchen flow and design, the individual components required for your business is very important as they will allow optimum performance. So make sure to focus more on cooking and service areas, preparations area, goods and food storage, etc. And any efficient commercial kitchen layout or design should include these main components if a kitchen is to operate successfully without any hassle.

Here are the main components of any commercial kitchen design that will determine the efficiency of your café or restaurant.

Food preparation area

Depending on what you’re serving, food preparation areas have various sections, such as a preparation station for raw meat, one for vegan or fresh foods, vegetarian, and one for separating the food into batches, if required.

For maximum efficiency and hygiene, it is recommended that you have stainless steel counter space, stainless steel kitchen supplies, and stainless steel shelves for storage. It’s also much suitable to place your preparation station close to a cold storage room or near a fridge so you can easily store raw ingredients safely until required. This will also encourage the staff to store items back in the fridge once they are done, even if the kitchen is busy.

Cooking stations

The cooking station is one of the most important areas of any kitchen. To bring your menu to life, the cooking area will include all the necessary equipment. Therefore, it is important to have a kitchen display system that will help to keep track of orders, and essentials such as industrial ventilation systems and extractor fans.

Washing stations

In order to adhere to commercial kitchen hygiene rules and health and safety standards, every good kitchen owner knows that it’s important to have a hygienic space and the clean-as-you-go rule is something you should live by.

To help keep a clean and hygienic kitchen, make sure to incorporate two washing stations in your commercial kitchen design, one for washing food and the other one for washing used or dirty dishes. This will make sure that leftover foods from plates and dirty suds will never land on your fresh produce. If it's possible, it's also best to have a separate hand washing area.

Make sure your wash station includes stainless steel kitchen sinks, industrial dishwashers as well as drying racks. Also, incorporate storage with sufficient cleaning products to keep the general areas glistening and hygienic.

Packing or service

When it comes to dine-in restaurants, a service station is used to complete the presentation of the dish and add any garnishes. It is also where the food runners or servers collect the final plates to serve the diners.

For this station, you can include heat lamps to help keep the food warm while waiting for it to be packed or collected to be served to the customers.

Practical storage

To meet the commercial food safety standard, proper storage solutions are crucial. So make sure that your kitchen has separate storage units for your kitchen tools and place settings, dry goods, and perishable foods.

Overall, including the above components in your kitchen is very important, as it will determine the efficiency of your kitchen. So if you want to take your restaurant to the next level make sure to follow all the above instructions and contact us at CKE Stainless and we will help design an efficient stainless steel commercial kitchen for your restaurant.

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