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Stainless Steel Kitchen Equipment

stainless steel exhaust hoods

Stainless steel kitchen equipment is the epitome of durability and elegance, making it a timeless and versatile choice for culinary spaces. Its exceptional resilience to heat, moisture, and heavy use ensures longevity, allowing for years of reliable performance. Moreover, its non-porous surface guarantees easy maintenance and impeccable hygiene, a crucial aspect in any kitchen environment where cleanliness is paramount. Beyond its functional benefits, stainless steel's sleek and contemporary appearance adds a touch of sophistication to any kitchen, making it an enduring favorite among professional chefs and home cooks alike. Whether it's gleaming countertops, durable sinks, or sleek appliances, stainless steel effortlessly combines practicality with style, elevating the overall aesthetics of your kitchen while providing the reliability you need for your culinary endeavors.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Benching & Over Shelves

Stainless Steel Kitchen Benching and over shelves are a blend of style and durability. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, it's a robust and easy-to-clean addition that elevates your kitchen's aesthetics while ensuring lasting functionality. Whether you're a professional chef, a home cook or own your own cafe or restaurant, our Stainless steel benching offers the versatile workspace you need, combining hygiene and elegance in one essential piece.

kitchen benching

 Sink & Dishwasher Benches

dishwasher bench

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Benches:  Crafted from top-quality stainless steel in heavy duty 2mm thickness material, with a raised wet-edge lip around the perimeter of the bench, it offers enduring durability and an elegant design, enhancing your kitchen effortlessly. Resistant to corrosion and with the sink bowls fully welded in seamless to the bench top, these benches are easy to clean and ensures a hygienic food prep space. Upgrade your kitchen with sophistication and practicality, courtesy of our Stainless Steel Sink Bench.

Dishwasher benches are custom manufactured as inlet and outlet benches to suit any proprietary model of pass through dishwasher with sinks, dish basket racks and pre-rinse tap-ware incorporated as well as these benches being lipped into the dishwasher for a seamless pass through motion of crockery needing to be cleaned, in your scullery.

Stainless Steel Exhaust Hoods & Panelling

Stainless Steel Exhaust Hoods:  Custom manufactured to suit required dimensions these hoods can be made to either be extraction only or with supply air integration to provide fresh air into your kitchen space.  All our hoods are manufactured with LED baton lighting and baffle or honey comb filters.  On request we can offer the services of a mechanical contractor that will take care of the ducting, fan motors and variable speed drives, as a separate service, in keeping with a turn key fit-out of your mechanical ventilation requirement in your kitchen.

We also manufacture Stainless Steel wall panelling to line the underside of your Exhaust Hood with villa board backing. Crafted from premium stainless steel, these panels instantly transform any room, adding a sleek and modern touch and make cleaning behind a cooking line effortless whilst keeping your kitchen looking sparkling clean. 

exhaust hoods
BBQ Benching

Alfresco BBQ Benching

Bring out the life of your party by having your alfresco BBQ area, in your outdoor dining area - custom manufactured in stainless steel. 


Our BBQ benching can be manufactured in 304 grade or the more resilient 316 Grade material, if your benching is open to the elements and/or in close proximity to the sea, in coastal areas.  These BBQ or Alfresco cooking areas can be built with inbuilt sinks, drop in warming plates and BBQ units built in to look sleek, along with cupboards under to hold utensils, gas bottles etc. 

Domestic Stainless Steel Worktops

Be the professional chef you always dreamed of being, by considering a Stainless Steel Kitchen bench top for your home. 

Our Stainless steel bench tops can be manufactured to be a direct replacement to your existing kitchen bench tops or  a new joinery kitchen you are having built. These bench tops add a sense of professionalism to a home kitchen and brings in the properties of a commercial kitchen right in to your home.  Our bench tops can be manufactured with seamless in-built sinks and splash backs with a non-porous preparation surface which can be easily cleaned. 

If ever you  wanted a sparkle back in your stainless work top, we also offer a service to polish your stainless steel bench tops that we install, when required - to bring it back to life.

stainless steel worktops
stainless steel corner guards

Corner Guards & Basket Racks

We carry a stock of Stainless Steel corner guards that are frequently used in commercial kitchens, supermarkets and just about anywhere there is heavy traffic movement with trolleys and carts. 

We also manufacture Stainless steel basket racks both to hold crockery and glass ware baskets after being washed. These units come complete with heigh adjustable slides, so you can fit short or talk crockery,  glasses or cups and mugs ready to serve your next guest. These units can be purchased and installed under your existing bench tops as they have adjustable feet. 

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