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Stainless Steel - The Best Option for Commercial Kitchens

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

It is no surprise that commercial kitchens face constant traffic that could easily wear down standard countertops and appliances. Thus, due to this, prep surfaces and commercial kitchens overall should be rustproof and durable in order to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. Thanks to stainless steel commercial kitchens, this is not a problem anymore.

Invented in 1915, stainless steel was designed to be perfect for standard and commercial kitchens. Produced with 10.5% chromium, this type of steel was identified to be resistant to corrosion, un-stainable, and was not heard of previously.

Since this type of steel was able to keep its shine even after it’s exposed to some of the most acidic foods, it was specifically used for use as restaurant cooking equipment including cutlery. It was also identified that stainless steel is very simple to clean and was found in nearly all commercial kitchens, eventually, it quickly became the choice of steel for everyday use.

The most popular type is stainless steel type 304, as it can be welded without diminishing its strength and stability. Unlike other materials commonly found in commercial kitchens such as wood, and stone, stainless steel is able to withstand high heat and never rust. This indicates that if a cook places a heated pot on the countertop, the heat of the pot will not spread or cause any damage to the steel as it would for other types of materials.

However, water can leave temporary marks on stainless steel but it’s quite easy to clean and permanent damage is unlikely. Apart from this, this type of material is also very environmentally friendly, especially because around 50% of the stainless steel produced in the US alone is made from recycled metal. And it lasts up to 100 years, which is a much longer life expectancy in comparison to other materials and metals that are commonly used to manufacture commercial kitchens.

Furthermore, stainless steel is also able to add a modern touch to almost any commercial kitchen interior. Thus this is able to give it a sophisticated and sleek look. Nowadays, most kitchens are all about minimalism, especially when it comes to storage and space. Stainless steel kitchen fit-outs and stainless steel commercial kitchen designs don't take up too much space. This makes them a great fit for restaurants or cafes with limited space and helps to avoid the kitchen from looking cluttered and crowded.

In addition, maintaining stainless steel is not a difficult task at all as microbes and bacteria cannot grow on this type of steel easily. This makes the surface resistant to stains. Further, since it's easy to custom-make stainless steel commercial kitchens, you can simply ask to integrate common components such as sinks right into the countertop itself as this will help to eliminate seams where food and other material can easily get crammed leading to the breeding of germs.

Since this type of steel does not easily stain, scrubbing and washing it every single day is not necessary as well. You can simply take a cloth, soak it in warm water, squeeze out the water and use it to wipe off the dust and dirt.

Apart from all the advantages of stainless steel commercial kitchens, there’s only one con when it comes to this type. And that is; unlike wood, the designs when it comes to stainless steel can be quite limited. However, this does not indicate that there’s no choice at all. It simply means that you don’t get to choose from patterned or floral designs like you can with wood.

So said in short, stainless steel is a great option for your commercial kitchen as its pros definitely outweigh the cons. So if you’ve decided to design your commercial kitchen with stainless steel, you’ve made the right choice and CKE Stainless can help you out with all that you need. If you're looking for custom-made commercial kitchen fit-outs, feel free to contact us and we will assist you.

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