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The Evolution of Commercial Kitchens

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Over the past years, the idea of the kitchen has evolved dramatically to meet our societal needs that are constantly changing. From a layout standpoint, it is no longer an afterthought, placed in the back of the house solely for food preparation; the kitchen is now truly the heart of any home, the focal point that is designed with much thought, combining current technologies and elegant aesthetics.

The importance of the kitchen has been rising in popularity at a continuous rate, from the dawn of small electric appliances in the 1940’s to the rise of the internet; this has spawned a renewed emphasis on cooking. Thus, nowadays there is a visible increase in interest in innovation in the kitchen, from cookware to smart appliances that harmoniously marry both form and function.

However, among all these, commercial kitchens, cooking equipment, and restaurant equipment have also changed vastly over the past years to meet changing consumer needs. And with the rapidly advancing technology, has forced changes for F& B businesses, for the better,

From where it first began, commercial kitchen design has come a long way. It has gone beyond function and has morphed into an over-the-top design. Kitchens were essentially designed without aesthetics in mind thirty years ago. They were only made to have a space to cook food and that was it. But today, kitchens have become a central part of the dining experience. So how exactly have commercial kitchens evolved? Let’s take a look...

The kitchen is an integral part of any home. No household is complete without a bustling kitchen. It has been like this for ages. But with time people started to explore outside their homes, and they started to eat outside. This is when eateries first came into existence and community eating began to bloom. Gradually, commercial kitchens came into being along with different cooking equipment.

Looking back at the early generations, the technology from over 40 years ago was completely different from today. Who knew that humans would be carrying smartphones with the capability of a computer! Just like that, in commercial kitchens, things have advanced as well with the help of automated and smart combination functions to make way for energy and space savings.

Furthermore, new patented technology has managed to change how we think of the kitchen. From the structure of cookware to the technique of cooking itself, the kitchen is being reinvented. And nowadays, the emphasis and awareness on health and safety standards and the regulations to maintain a healthy work environment that minimise risks and hazards are high. This is quite important especially when it comes to commercial kitchens where hazards are very common. Thus restaurant equipment goes through stringent testing to meet standards to ensure a higher level of safety. And in the present, commercial kitchens have evolved to meet all these standards to ensure health and safety.

And also, modern layouts and designs need to accommodate and fit all appliances and equipment while maximising efficiency and remaining compliant. In comparison to past years, nowadays commercial kitchen designs for cooking equipment allows flexibility such as over or under-bench installation, slim fit, and multi-functional operation.

Now that we’ve talked about how commercial kitchens have evolved, the question arises as to how cooking equipment has changed over the years..

Historically, when fire was discovered, the method of cooking food came into play. Soon enough the joys of culinary skills became second nature to people. At first, the art of cooking was just roasting food on fire and later consuming it. With the addition of spices, eating became something humans were passionately engrossed in.

When people adjusted to living in organised households, both the kitchen and the cooking utensils became an important part of almost every home. With the evolvement of time when balancing time itself became a task, new gadgets came into play that made tiring kitchen work much easier. For instance, the mixer & grinder became a replacement for the traditional stone grinders such as the mortar and pestle. Better yet, the rise of these modern-day equipment did not remain limited to cooking. Dishwashers too emerged to make the task of washing and cleaning kitchenware and utensils much easier.

Upon the flourishing of commercial kitchens, a need for commercial kitchen gadgets was identified. Ordinary kitchen gadgets were not enough to handle the bulk and hence we now have restaurant equipment that is made for the sole purpose of servicing commercial kitchens.

With that said, the future is bright for commercial kitchens. And CKE Stainless is ready to provide you with some of the best commercial kitchen fit outs that are available out there today to help you keep up with the modernising commercial kitchens. So reach out today and experience our high-quality products, for yourself.

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